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Beneath the city of Middenheim is a tunnel network so expansive that whole sections remain unexplored to this day. Following the Storm of Chaos, the city's rulers decided that a troublesome Skaven stronghold within the mountain must finally be exterminated. To this end, the local sewer jacks were absorbed into the Middenheim army as a special regiment, called the Fauschlag Delvers. Dwarfen sappers and tunnel fighters were attached to every unit and even battle mages from Altdorf were recruited. The Fauschlag Delvers received training and equipment superior to any sewer jack company in the Old World.[1a]

The Delvers escalated their campaign when scouts reported vague sightings of a massive technological device within the skaven stronghold. At their peak, the Delvers conducted dozens of raids each day. But major operations ended following a massive explosion that rocked the under-city, killing over half of the Delvers along with hundreds of their skaven foes. Sections of the city still remain unstable from the blast. Does the skaven Clan Skryre retain sufficient power to unleash its mysterious ''Project Supremacy" in Middenheim, or was the Doom Hemisphere irreparably damaged?[1a]

The Fauschlag Delvers' sacrifice has boosted public esteem for the sewer jack profession in Middenland. Mercenaries from across the province now travel to Middenheim for enlistment.[1a]


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