Fastric Ghoulslayer was a Bretonnian knight famed for his hatred of the Undead, but most especially, Ghouls.


Though Fastric was a native of Bordeleaux, he had shed blood beside Duke Tancred and Anthelme of Austray in defence of Quenelles during the Bretonnian Civil War. The Ghoulslayer was a warrior of renown and commanded a skylance of Pegasus Knights, an offshoot of the mighty Companions of Quenelles. There were few whom Tancred trusted more.[1]

Amongst the Companions, he had a particular rivalry with Gioffre of Anglaron, often getting into heated arguments over whose mount was superior, Gioffre's trusted warhorse or Fastric's noble Pegasus.[1]

Fighting alongside Jerrod at the second Battle of La Maisontaal, Fastric led a force of Pegasus Knights, his Skylance, into the undead horde. He was eventually killed by the Blood KnightErikan Crowfiend. Despite defeating the Vampire, Fastric's burning hatred for the creature proved to be his undoing. Having seen his chance, Crowfiend stabbed him in the throat while he revelled in the Vampire's suffering...[1]


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