Only found in the mountainous Dwarfholds, this small craftguild now consists mainly of hunters and trappers. The craftguild once developed hybrid strains of crops to grow in the dim and difficult conditions of the Dwarfholds; it also bred livestock suited to the mountainous terrain. The craftguild never recovered from the Goblin Wars, and many Dwarfholds now depend upon trade with the humans.[1a]

A number of the remaining farmers are employed in growing grain for the brewers, while a few clans specialise in edible fungi. Some of the smaller Grey Mountain holds carry on a lucrative trade in cultivating truffles with the humans of Bretonnia, although the more traditional chefs maintain that wild truffles have a better flavour and texture.[1a]

The Herders mainly keep hardy mountain animals such as goats, which are raised mainly for their wool and milk. Cheese is a major ingredient of the Dwarf diet, and each hold has its own distinctive variety. The Dwarfs favour hard cheeses that age well and keep for a long time; a Halfling joke runs to the effect that is can be used as ammunition in the event of a siege.[1a]


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