Falki Ringulsson was a young apprentice stonemason of Karak Hirn, who later became a mighty Slayer.


His master, Gotri, allowed Falki to oversee the completion of a joist they erected in a feasting hall. Five months later, during raucous celebrations, part of the roof gave way and crushed the revellers underneath.[1a]

It seemed his joist had proved the weak point and Falki blamed himself. Gotri tried to console his apprentice, explaining that accidents happen, but Falki fell into a deep depression and took no solace from anyone's sympathy. After months of his apprentice's moping Gotri suggested making atonement might ease his apprentice's conscience. He didn't mention any particular penance, but everyone knew what was implied. Falki shaved the sides of his head, dyed his hair a bright orange, and swore the Slayer Oath. He travelled to exotic locales, met wondrous beasts, and slew them.[1a]

Seventeen years later, few dwarfs from Karak Hirn would recognise the now mighty Falki Ringulsson. He has faced down some of the most dreadful opponents the Old World has to offer and has earned the title of daemon slayer. However, a secret bitterness lurks in Falkri's heart. No longer a callow youth, he now considers Gotri responsible for the accident that led to his shame, reasoning that the master mason convinced him to take the oath to focus blame on Falki. If the mason had taken his responsibilities seriously he would have checked that his apprentice's work was sound. Falki wants one last meeting with Gottri before meeting his doom.[1a]


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