Prince Faldor was the father of Lady Fayelle, sharing with her the bloodline of Aenarion. He had spent most of his life in the family palace, with his daughter being the only other relative under his roof. Yet such was his love for the place, he declined to join Fayelle when she offered to let him stay with her and her future husband, Moralis. He claimed it to be that he was too old and too set in his ways to move now. He had raised his children within this palace, and buried his wife within its grounds. It was all that was left to him, that and his pride and ancient lineage.[1a]

In all honesty, he disapproved of the marriage, saying that Moralis' kin were merchants from Lothern and his family had been freeholders while his daughter's had ruled a kingdom and married into the Blood of Aenarion himself. Faldor was proud, but he could not eat pride, nor repair ancient buildings with it, nor pay the required number of retainers unless they too were like him, old and with nowhere else to go. The prince knew these things, but refused to change. So it was that it fell to Fayelle to improve the fortunes of her house by marrying well.[1a]

Faldor's palace rests in an area of Ulthuan where nothing truly threatening stalks the wilds. Neither wolves prowl here, nor monsters from the mountains. As of XI 10, no marauders have made it this far inland in a couple centuries. The worst things that one ever heard were rumours of the spread of the old cults of luxury, and those were most likely just Elrion and his friends playing at being decadent, and frightening themselves with the thought of the old dark magics.[1a]

It wouldn't be until the ranger Takalen and her Great Eagle companion came to investigate that Faldor, his daughter, and the mansion's retainers were found slaughtered within the courtyard.[1b]


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