"As well as being transformed into a Daemon Prince, a servant of the Dark Gods may well become possessed by the spirit of a daemon. Such creatures are not as powerful as Daemon Princes as they must expend much of their energy maintaining their hold on the mortal realm. These Exalted Daemons, as they are known, often follow Daemon Princes and Greater Daemons into battle."
The Exalted Daemons of Chaos.[2]

An Exalted Daemon, spewing forth unholy bile.[2]

Exalted Daemons are followers of the Dark Gods, most often Chaos Warriors, who have given their soul to a Lesser Daemon of Chaos.


Possession is among the various calamities that can befall a mortal in the Old World. Some mortals willingly embrace possession, seeing it as a doorway to incredible power. Indeed, those mortals found worthy to host such a monster find their capabilities much improved, but at a terrible price. The possessing Daemon slowly devours the soul, feeding off the life energy to sustain its presence in the mortal world. Some manage to live indefinitely, however, conquering the Daemon within and becoming fearsome warleaders.[1][2]

Exalted Daemons are among the mightiest fighters of the Warriors of Chaos. While not as powerful as a Daemon Prince, they display similarities in abilities and appearance, often acting as terrifying lieutenants and champions. The ancient Daemon Prince, Urlfdaemonkin, is known for gifting his mortal descendants with Exalted Daemonhood, as is the fabled Chalice of Chaos.[1][2]

Infamous Exalted Daemons

  • Grydal, Scourge of the South - Chieftain of the Snaegr Tribe and direct descendant of the ancient Daemon Prince, Urlfdaemonkin.
  • Johann, Warrior-Prime - Chieftain of the Icefang tribe and father of the famed Drenok Johansen. Possessed by a Daemon of Khorne.


  • An Exalted Daemon of Khorne


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