Ewald Finch

Ewald Finch

Finch bears a strong resemblance to an upright weasel, though he seems pleasant enough in conversation. His brown eyes continually dart about as he talks, and he continually makes quick furtive movements with his hands. Though he doesn’t seem much to look at, Finch has ambitions, and big ones at that. He joined the Aderhold Gang in order to increase his fortunes, paying lip service to what the old guys wanted to hear from him as he manoeuvred into the trusted liaison position he presently occupies. When Finch decided he could make some extra money his bosses didn’t need to know about, he asked a brute by the name of Hartmut if he would be interested. The Norseman readily agreed, and Finch arranged to bring him into the Aderhold Gang, noting how useful such a thug would be. His bosses approved, and the pair soon began cautiously recruiting some likely lads of similar mindset to help in Finch’s schemes. Finch doesn’t realize just how dangerous Hartmut really is.[1a]

For the moment, Finch has exactly what he wants: a trusted post he knows will lead to greater things and a steady source of extra income. The Grey Ague is a bit worrisome, but if he feels that he needs to leave Taalagad in a hurry, he already has several viable options worked out. Finch doesn’t take pleasure in the killing, as Hartmut does—but neither does Finch hesitate in the slightest when the time comes to murder his clients.[1a]


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