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Archaon, the final Everchosen

The Everchosen of Chaos is the highest position attainable by a Chaos Champion. In the history of the world, there were thirteen Champions who bore this title.[4a]


Every few centuries there is a mortal champion who is destined for the greatest blessings of Chaos. He is the Lord of the End Times, the Everchosen, who the Chaos Gods unite behind, bestowing all their gifts upon him. Each time one of these great warlords has walked the world it has heralded war and plague, famine and death on a massive scale. Nature itself abhors his presence, the ground splits asunder at his feet, the air churns and swirls around him. He is Chaos Incarnate, the Herald of the Apocalypse, and where he walks the world trembles.[1d]

Known Everchosen

  • 2nd: Vangel - Vangel bound the Greater Daemon known as U'zuhl to the magical sword of the Everchosen, the Slayer of Kings. He was killed in battle against Gromrir Goldfist.[1e]
  • Eight Unknown Everchosens
  • 13th: Archaon, the Three-Eyed King - Current Everchosen.[1d]


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