Eustace Undead is a Mousillonian expatriate, who claims he got his surname because his parents were both killed and reanimated when he was a baby, so that he was raised by Zombies. The merchants and traders who share a city with him certainly feel that he is sufficiently unfeeling: Eustace runs a very effective protection racket.[1a]

Eustace is tall and solidly built, except that his head is hairless and the skin drawn so tight it almost looks like a skull. He never shouts, leaving many to suspect that a normal speaking voice is the loudest he can manage. His underlings have seen him gouge a man's eyes out with his bare hands for disobedience. He doesn't have many problems keeping order.[1a]

Back in Mousillon, Eustace was regarded as a kind-hearted soul, but his personality has not changed at all. He fled Mousillon because he could no longer stand the evil around him. Eustace's protection racket is honourable. If you pay his fees, not only will his goons not trash your shop, they will make sure no one else does, either. If people don't pay, he might burn their shop, or break their legs, or possibly have them tortured for an hour or two, but he doesn't kill them or target their families. Eustace still thinks of himself as kind and honourable and is sure that the people around him must be hiding truly vile crimes.[1a]

As a champion of virtue, Eustace would like to unmask those crimes. He knows most about the Undead, so he is looking out for evidence of Necromancy. If he finds it, he might need experienced help, the sort provided by adventurers. Even if those adventurers were initially hired by one of the victims in his protection racket.[1a]


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