The legendary storyteller and heartbreaker Etienne Legrand is both beloved and hated in the inns where he frequents. He is loved for his fine tales full of fancy and lyricism, and hated for his womanising and wife-stealing. More than one distressed bride has run away to be with her "Dear Sweet Etienne" only to discover her paramour missing and her reputation ruined.[1a]

In truth, Etienne is more than he seems and, by the way, not at all Bretonnian. Once an agitator, Eckhart Lang incited a vicious series of uprisings in Nuln, that ended in the death of more than a few peasants and watchmen, along with a corrupt viscount. Eckhart, realising that he had finally gone too far, fled the city and changed his name, adopting the persona of Etienne. Still, old habits die hard; Etienne continues to believe that the aristocracy of the Empire should be brought down. Sleeping with their pretty wives and mistresses is just one way of getting revenge.[1a]


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