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Estrebert is a Battle Pilgrim who has followed his Grail Knight, Sir Letour, for over twenty years. He bears the scars of that time, and his cropped hair is going grey, but he is still a solidly built warrior. He is the unquestioned leader of the Grail Pilgrims around Sir Letour, as no one has more experience than he does. Still, Estrebert does not claim to lead, as he is just one more loyal follower of the Knight.[1a]


Estrebert was born in Parravon Vale and first saw a Grail Knight in action against Beastmen when he was nine. This set his course for life. At first, of course, he wanted to be a Grail Knight, but he soon realised his peasant blood rendered him unacceptable in the eyes of the Lady. He then formed a very personal theory: if he died saving the life of a Grail Knight, he would be reborn as a noble, and thus would be able to seek the Grail. He believes this absolutely, even though his only reason for it is that he would very much like it to be true.[1a]

Estrebert came very close to fulfilling his dream a few years ago. Sir Letour was beset by dozens of Beastmen, and despite his valour, he was being worn down. Estrebert leapt into the fray, killing many of the creatures and taking many serious wounds. When the Pilgrim collapsed beside the knight and heard the sound of breathing, he thought he had won and could die in peace.[1a]

But he survived. Sir Letour had him nursed back to health, and as they were preparing to leave, the knight dropped his helmet at Estrebert’s feet, leaving before the pilgrim had a chance to return it. The helmet is now Estrebert’s most prized possession, and the experience has only hardened his resolve to die gloriously.[1a]


Estrebert wears full mail armour and Sir Letour's helmet, and fights with a halberd and a crossbow, both of the best craftsmanship available.[1a]


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