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If Figuera is the father of all Diestro schools, then Estevan is his bastard son, and Casanova, an impertinent grandchild. Estevan and Casanova are just two of the many scholars who have experimented with Figuera's original doctrine.[1a]


Claudius Estevan was a younger contemporary of Figuera, whose teachings are rejected by many purists. Estevan's school incorporates the main gauche, requiring the fighter to shift his center of gravity backwards by several degrees. Rather than using the off-hand for balance as Figuera advocated, Estevan proposed it should be used for defense. The Estevan style is less graceful and relies heavily on trigonometry.[1a]

Manuel Casanova died recently, after a long, successful career. Known for his blinding foot-speed and genius in physics, Casanova revolutionised tournament fighting with a more strategic approach. Against weaker early round opponents, Casanova developed methods to win quickly with minimal injury. A favourite tactic involved disarming the enemy immediately, and snatching his weapon to force a concession.[1a]


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