"I am entrusted by the Duke to maintain order in this realm, and the lady Veronique will think me a poor minister if I cannot do something in this matter."
Estevan Sceberra to Orfeo the Minstrel[1a]

Don Estevan Sceberra is both master of Zaragoz' secret police, and a minister of the realm. A Man of middle age, Estevan wears his years better than most. Even while plain of dress, he appears as a man of dignity and station, bearing the carriage of a warrior and the sharp eye of a predator. He is impatient with outsiders, and has little sense of humour.[1a]

Sceberra acts as a torturer when necessary, though when seeking answers Semjaza is brought in to interrogate suspects. Regardless, Sceberra handles his role within the bowels of Zaragoz Castle, his torture suite set within a damp, dank and windowless cellar. Here, a large stone slab is used as a table (though seems more suited to being an altar). Often, iron instruments will be displayed atop it, including pincers, broad-headed irons, knives and crushing vices. An iron hook has been embedded in the ceiling as well. Due to a lack of good carpenters in Zaragoz, instead of a rack, common ladders are improvised for stretching prisoners--though to Sceberra, such a method is left for the "encouraging of women's tongues".[1b]

For prisoners, the minister is a man with all the necessary power and cruel inclination to turn his petulance into a slow and horrible death.[1b]


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