"Swift of foot and hidden from sight, the Triads' killing techniques are as empathic in combat as the rumours suggest."
The Triad footsoldiers of Clan Eshin.[1]

An Eshin Triad.[1]

Eshin Triads are a unique variety of the Skaven's black-furred elite, fielded exclusively by Clan Eshin.


Some Black Skaven, such as those within Clan Eshin, are trained in the martial arts and tactics of their clan, combining the speed of their smaller kin with brawn seldom found amongst the ratmen.[3]

Only the most devout apprentices of Clan Eshin ascend to the rank of Triad. Well-drilled and deadly, these warriors are a versatile alternative to their Clanrat and Stormvermin brethren and are best utilised behind the front ranks, excelling at exploiting gaps and weaknesses in enemy lines. While their armour is not the strongest, Triads make up for it with their covert abilities. Equipped with smoke-filled Concealment Bombs, they can stalk their opponents and strike from unexpected directions with their poisoned Guandao spears.[1]

Infamous Triads


  • The term "Triad" is also used by Clan Eshin to describe a unit of three Assassins.[2a]
  • In the real world, "Triads" are infamous organised-crime groups originating from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.


  • An Eshin Triad in combat


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