"They doubtless sell their services to anyone willing to pay their horrible price. Their cursed skills were perfected in the Far East, which is why they seem alien to our own civilised sensibilities. Yet, these methods are quite effective. Even the bare hands of these bestial assassins are as effective as swords, and they strike like snakes from the darkness. To be marked by them is to be consigned to Morr’s kingdom, for naught can save you once such a thing has come to pass."
Steffan Paulus Adelhof, Scholar of Wolfenburg.[2a]
Eshin Assassin

The fearsome Assassin, the elite of the elite of Clan Eshin.

The Eshin Assassins of Clan Eshin represent the culmination of years of training and ruthless assassination undertaken on behalf of the Clan and the Skaven race.


Some of the most feared Skaven to creep through the Under-Empire belong to this elite group. Masters of poison, exceptionally skilled in the arts of hand-to-hand combat, and versed in the ways of stealth and conspiracy, these killers sell their services to any Skaven Warlord who can meet their exorbitant fees. They even offer their services to Humans who ask the right people and who offer the proper compensation.[2a]

All Eshin warriors are trained to learn these defining skill-traits, but only the Assassins have the skill and experience necessary to undertake the highest tier of the Clan's training. It is then that the secret arts are taught, some of which are ancient techniques studied in the Far East, but many more are unique fighting styles of the ratmen's own design. By the end of the long initiation, an Eshin Assassin can jump many times its own height, hurtle over obstacles or back-flip a great distance. He can run faster than a galloping horse and climb up smooth surfaces with ease. In motion, an Assassin is a blur, able to rain blows upon a foe or pluck arrows out of mid-flight.[1a]

These assassins are so adept at hiding in the shadows that many suspect magic at work. The final test in an Assassin's training are death missions assigned by Clan Eshin's ruling council, presided over by Lord Sneek, the leader of the Clan and one of the Lords of Decay. After surviving the mission, the Assassin is considered an acknowledged master of the arts. It is thanks to their fearsome reputation that the Council of Thirteen often employs Eshin’s Assassins in their day to day affairs.[1a]

When the Skaven hordes march for war, they are sometimes accompanied by Clan Eshin's finest hiding amongst their numbers. These death-dealing agents pose as a regular rank and file trooper until the moment is right. At this time, they cast off their disguise and leap into position where they can do the most damage. Fighting with poisoned blades in each paw, an Assassin can unleash a murderous flurry of attacks that is more than capable of striking down an enemy leader. At other times, an Assassin will operate on the battlefield alone, working to wreak havoc behind enemy lines, setting timed bombs or using poisoned shurikens to slay targets of opportunity.[1a]



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