Duke Escargot was the Duke of Parravon during the events of the Red Pox, later defending the city from Skaven invaders.


in the year 1813 by Imperial reckoning, the land of Bretonnia was ravaged by a plague called the Red Pox. This was a foul disease orchestrated by the Skaven, who soon launched a massive invasion on the Dukedoms of Brionne and Quenelles. When word of this reached Duke Escargot of Parravon, he immediately summoned all of his available knights, ready to help his brother Bretonnians in their time of need.[1]

Escargot and his knights were all mounted, fast moving troops. The Duke could not risk leaving his castle unguarded, for Parravon watches over Axe Bite Pass, guarding against the Orc and Goblin raiders from the Grey Mountains. And so, forced to leave his loyal Men-at-Arms behind, Escargot rode to war at the head of his Knights. Without archers, there was a danger that the Skaven would simply overpower the valiant Duke and his knights through sheer weight of numbers. But, needless to say, Escargot and his men rejoiced at the opportunity to win glory against an overwhelming enemy.[1]

Meanwhile, Wood Elf scouts had brought tidings of the Skaven invasion to Athel Loren. For long hours Orion and Ariel, the demi-gods of the woods, considered whether or not to assist the Duke of Parravon. Eventually, they decided that if Bretonnia fell, Athel Loren would be doomed.[1]

Duke Escargot soon reached Castle Quenelles. Finding the city on the brink of collapse, he immediately ordered his men to charge. Escargot and the knights of Parravon easily breached the first horde of Skaven besieging the city, but the rat-men were soon alerted and mustered their entire army, outnumbering the knights many times over. Gutter Runners slowed the Duke and his men down with ambushes and traps, whilst the rest of the Skaven prepared their battle line. They had both a numerical and tactical advantage over the knights and, for a moment, all seemed lost.[1]

The Wood Elves arrived just in time, as the knights of Parravon were fighting the Skaven in front of the gates of Quenelles. The Skaven lines began to thin from arrow-fire, giving Duke Escargot and his men the chance to charge the main Clanrat regiment, which broke under an avalanche of steel and flailing hooves. Great was the slaughter that day and merry was the feasting after the battle.[1]

Afterwards, Escargot and his forces marched to relieve Brionne, gathering commoners as levies to replace their dead and wounded. The Skaven horde attacking Brionne was even larger than the one they had just defeated. Nevertheless, the Duke set off alongside his Wood Elf allies...[1]


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