"Leagues? Days? Such words are without meaning in the lands closest to the gods. Time and distance are deceits the gods place no value upon. If I told you the palace was a thousand, thousand leagues away, it might be falsehood. If I told you that you should see it before the moons' next rising, it might be truth. There are no "maps" of the Wastes, whatever the Kurgan's shamans might think. Nothing remains where it once was, it finds each traveller in its own measure and its own way."
Ernst von Kammler to Einarr Steelfist.[1b]

Acolyte of the Purple Talon and warlord of the Khaigs, Ernst von Kammler was a champion of Tzeentch who was enslaved to the Soul-eater, a magical crystal that dwelt within a verdant forest in the Chaos Wastes, near a cliff-side overlooking the Frozen Sea. Originally, he had sought out the Soul-eater, hearing stories about how the crystal guarded treasure. The legends proved a lie, however, and the longer von Kammler searched for it, the more control the Soul-eater gained over him. And so it was for years he was made to guard the crystal, slaying any and all who wandered close. He was only freed by the accidental aide of the much smaller Einarr Steelfist, after the Baerson destroyed the crystal during their duel.[1a]

When asked how to reach the tower of Skoroth, Von Kammler explained that distance, direction, navigation of any sort was useless in the land of the gods. It is the will and determination that the Wastes measure, that "if you want something bad enough, if the lust to find it burns brightly enough, it will find you".[1b]

Von Kammler is described as a tall man encased in a suit of armour so dark it seemed to devour all light that fell upon it. Intricate runes are carved into the pauldrons, the jewelled gauntlets that encase his hands, the skull shaped poleyns that encased his knees. Upon his cuirass can be found the eye-rune of Tzeentch staring back those that view it, the symbol picked out in bronze and azure. This armour Meanwhile, the crown of the warrior's helm is marked with a set of curling horns, its mask forged in a crude image of a bird's beak. From behind this mask, von Kammler's eyes glow red in the darkness. Behind his heavy black cloak, the knight hides an enormous mace that sways at his side; cruel as death, stubbed with a riot of spikes and blades. The weapon is as thick around as Einarr's leg, yet Kammler hefts it with effortless ease. Kammler also wears an elaborate fauld that covers his waist and hips. However, the armour screams when touched by ithilmar, as seen when Einarr used Alfwyrm on it, molten blood and ichor flowing to fill and cauterize the wound.[1a]


  • Von Kammler claims to have always had a talent that allows him to read a man's soul. The skill to know his limits.[1b]
  • Even while encased within his armour, the massive knight is able to sneak up beside people without making a sound.[1c]


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