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Erikan Crowfiend was a Vampiric Blood Knight, champion and lover of Elize von Carstein and son of the infamous Cannibal Knight of Mousillon.


Erikan had been the last surviving pup of the Cannibal Knight, having witnessed the vengeful destruction of his father's underground court. As he had not fully devolved into a jittering Ghoul, the young boy was taken prisoner and forced to watch as his parents were burned alive for their sin of survival. However, before he too could face justice, Erikan was rescued by the ancient Necromancer, Obald of Brionne.[1]

The Bone Father hoped to train the boy in the art Necromancy, and though he learned some basic spells and incantations, the life of a Necromancer's apprentice was not to be. For the night Erikan encountered a pale woman with fiery hair was the night his heart stopped beating, and he would never once miss its rhythm.[1]

The Crowfiend

As Elize von Carstein's get, Erikan was almost immediately inducted into the inner circle of the Drakenhof Templars. Here, the young Vampire learned that he could only move by night, for the sun blistered him worse than any fire. His breath reeked of the butcher's block and he could hear a woman's pulse from leagues away. He could shatter stone and bone as easily as a child might tear apart a dried leaf. He never grew tired, suffered from illness or felt fear. But he was no longer the captain of his own destiny.[1]

Though he served the Von Carsteins loyally, there were those within the Templars who despised Erikan. They disapproved of his meteoric rise through their ranks, believing it was the result of favouritism at the hand of Elize.[1]

Eventually, after many years within the Order, Erikan was offered the name of von Carstein, but he refused, not wishing to erase his identity. This resulted in Elize finding another blood-son, lover and champion in Anark, who gladly accepted the title of von Carstein. Believing that he no longer had a reason to stay, Erikan vanished from Sylvania and returned to his homeland of Bretonnia, back to the cursed Dukedom of Mousillon...[1]

The Bretonnian Civil War

Within the cursed Dukedom of Mousillon, Erikan came to learn of Mallobaude, the bastard son of King Louen Leoncoeur, and his plan to usurp the throne. At some point after this, Erikan joined the Serpent's retinue of knightly bodyguards, known as the Knights of the Black Grail.[1]

As Mallobaude's dark army grew, thousands of fell Necromancers flocked to his banner. Among them was Erikan's old master, Obald the Bonefather. They raised legions of the dead to march beside the Serpent's army of disgraced knights and villainous peasants. However, they were but a sideshow compared to the real power behind Mallobaude's illegitimate throne - the ancient Liche known as Arkhan the Black.[1]

Arkhan had ensured that Mallobaude, like Erikan before him, was granted the Blood Kiss of Vampirism, albeit from an ancient and well-established Bretonnian bloodline. Why the Liche had chosen to aid Mallobaude, however, Erikan could not say, but the Crowfiend knew that, much like himself and Obald, the Liche had his reasons. And with Arkhan on their side, Bretonnia was brought to its knees. At the Battle of Quenelles, Erikan had the pleasure of seeing the Serpent cast his father's broken body into the mud. The southern provinces had fallen one by one after Louen's supposed death, until the Serpent cast his gaze north, to Couronne. That was when everything went wrong...[1]

Erikan was with the rest of Mallobaude's bodyguard when he witnessed the Serpent's destruction at the hands of the Green Knight. After the warrior removed his helmet to reveal he was Gilles le Breton reborn, Arkhan the Black vanished, taking his control over the Undead with him. Erikan, Obald and a smattering of others were able to flee the battlefield as the army of Mousillon collapsed around them. The Bonefather himself had been struck by an arrow during the final moments of the battle, and Erikan was forced to carry him as they fled to Sylvania...[1]


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