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Ehrhard Stoecker is a well-known chronicler and novelist of the Empire, and an old friend of the famous bounty hunter Brunner.[1] 

He has a morbid fascination for tales of the hideous and macabre, but also a deep interest in the non-idealistic acts of men like Brunner. His existence on the fringes of society, his ability to kill without question or compassion, his amazing knack for surviving against all odds, have become for him an inexhaustible source of stories and feats that he transforms into stories and publishes with great success.[1] 

Although he is best known for his skill with the pen, he has a certain skill as a swordsman, since at times he would like to live an adventure like the ones he writes in his works. His work as a story collector and historian has made him an expert on all kinds of Old World stories, myths, and legends, and he is sometimes consulted by the bounty hunter for specific information.[1] 


Ehrhard Stoecker is originally from the city of Altdorf, and achieved notoriety as a writer by publishing the book "A true story of the life of Count Vlad von Carstein of Sylvania, the Vampire" in which he collected an account of the misdeeds committed by the famous Vampire Count. The play was a success, even when such important figures as the Grand Theogonist and Ar-Ulric denounced the novel as a despicable work. The literary critics, who always bow their cowardly heads at the humor of the clergy, discredited his work, yet it was a success in sales. However, the novel had also encountered non-human detractors, and when Stoecker had an encounter with vampires who had been offended, he fled to the Tilean city of Miragliano.[1] 

Yet even in exile it was impossible for him to keep his mind idle and his pen away from the scroll. When all the money from his previous success ran out, Stoecker was hired by an unscrupulous publisher of thin books who fooled sailors on them in order to mitigate the tedium of his ocean voyages. In this way, he began to live badly writing stories of mystery and adventure, visiting all the taverns of the city, to collect material for his novels, interviewing and compiling stories of sailors, merchants, pirates, mercenaries, thieves and other people of similar condition.[1] 

It was during this time that he met Brunner. Stoecker was interviewing a bandit when the bounty hunter showed up to capture the bandit and claim the money they were giving for him. Brunner was a black legend among criminals in much of the Old World, a ruthless hunter who never stopped until he captured anyone with a bounty on his head. Impressed by his fame, his figure and the aura of violence and threat that surrounded him, Stoecker asked Brunner to tell him about his adventures, to which the bounty hunter, for some reason, agrees.[1] 

This is how a strange relationship between the two began. Every time the chronicler met the bounty hunter, he told him everything that had happened on his previous mission. Despite writing down the exploits of adventurers he had encountered in Miragliano's many taverns, none of them had been as bloodthirsty or fascinating as that bounty hunter's career. Thanks to the success of published stories based on his adventures, Stoecker again earned enough money to improve his living condition.[1] 

In a sense, Ehrhard was Brunner's only true friend, but even that was no deterrent to the latter's ruthless character, and he used the chronicler as ignorant bait to catch a Skaven assassin. As a result of that incident Stoecker had to flee to the Bretonnian city of Parravon, where to survive, he had to write the history of the family of the Duke of Parravon, atrociously inflated for personal aggrandizement.[1] 

Despite the fact that he still resents that incident and his personality clashes are frequent, Stoecker feels quite pleased every time he sees his former collaborator, whose story and life still fascinates him, even to the point of wanting to participate on one of his missions.[1] 


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