Erasmus Teuber Forges of Nuln illustration

Erasmus Teuber.

Erasmus Teuber is the leader of a cult dedicated to Slaanesh comprising the idle heirs to Nuln’s aristocracy, that operates from the so-called Night Market of Nuln.[1a]


Soft in flesh and will, Erasmus is the son of Waldred Teuber — the head of the College of Engineering of Nuln. Having little interest in his father’s work, Erasmus shirked his training to focus on his passion for the arts. He lacked appreciable talent and grew frustrated by his failures, eventually turning to the forbidden to find his muse. Slaanesh promised a fulfilment of his desires at a trifling cost: his soul. Since his conversion, Erasmus is a well-known artist and now leads the local cult.[1a]

Recently he received a vision from the Lord of Forbidden Pleasures, foreshadowing a grand congregation of nobles gathered from all over the Empire to bear witness to some new weapon. The leader saw this vision as an instruction from his dark god to destroy the visiting nobles and plunge the Empire into anarchy, paving the way for a new incursion, but this time from within. And so, gathering the Mutants of the Night Market, he makes ready to swarm up out of the sewers and slaughter the gathered spectators, and seize the city for Chaos.[1a]


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