"Blades in hand, they thrive in melee, at the heart of battle."
The dashing Swordsmen of the Empire.[3]

Empire Swordsmen leading the charge.

Empire Swordsmen are some of the most common basic line infantry fielded by the Empire


Swordsmen are expert fencers, equipped with a standard sword and shield and fighting in a loose formation, allowing them to manoeuvre in close combat. These daring soldiers are often romanticised by Imperial poets as tall, dashing figures, often bravely engaging the best enemy regiments with only their bravery and combat skill, striking an opponent's weak spot while knowing how to defend themselves with their battle-worn shields. This, along with their tremendous skill with the sword and their flexible formation, makes them a tough challenge for even the most skilled opponents, providing the Empire with powerful offensive capability. Truly professional soldiers, swordsmen form the rock of many Imperial battle lines.[1a]

Soldiers wear highly ornamental half-plate armour that bears the emblem of the Empire, their province, and other personal accessories and talismans. With the Empire housing many of the finest fencing schools within the Old World, many have regarded the Empire as having some of the best swordsmen in all of the human kingdoms, and some say that they are even better than the fearsome swordsmen of distant Estalia.[2a]

Famous Swordsmen

  • Sigmar's Sons - A renowned regiment of highly-religious Swordsmen.



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