"The ultimate irregular warriors, Huntsmen appear suddenly, throwing the enemy into disarray before melting away again just as swiftly."
The Empire's elite skirmishers.[2]
Empire Hochland Archers

Empire Huntsmen.

Huntsmen are the Empire's elite Archers.


In the untamed wilds of the Empire there lurk countless mutants who are ever hungry for human flesh. Huntsmen are masters of the wilderness and skilled trackers who patrol the forests surrounding their homes to cull these foul monsters. Armed with little more than a bow and their wits, these grim warriors are adept at luring their quarry into lethal ambushes.[1a]

When an Elector Count, especially those from the wilder, less 'civilised' provinces, such as Ostland, Stirland and the Ostermark, muster regiments of militia, they are keen to gather as many Huntsmen to their banners as they can. These seasoned hunters are organised into groups of skirmishers who can scout ahead of the main body of the army to gather intelligence, disrupt enemy movements and pick off war machine crews with deadly accurate bow fire.[1a]


  • Portrait of a Huntsman.


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