Empire Handgunner

An Empire Handgunner.

These state troops are armed with long-barrelled black powder weapons known as handguns, often manufactured by the highly skilled gunsmiths of Nuln.


The withering volley of high-velocity lead shot from ranks of Handgunners can break the most determined Orc Waaagh! or unhorse even a heavily armoured Chaos Knight.[3a]

Handgunners are primarily equipped with handguns, as their name suggests. These long-barrel weapons fire single lead balls at high velocity via a black powder explosion. A shot from a handgun is more powerful than an equivalent arrow, and can penetrate armour with ease. However, handguns are somewhat temperamental, and more crucially require a lengthy reloading drill compared to that of a bowman or crossbowman. Additionally, handgunners must carry black powder on their person, making their duty somewhat more hazardous than that of less-advanced troops.

Despite this, handgunners are powerful and effective soldiers capable of crushing enemy onslaughts; their modernised way of warfare paves the way for more advanced weapons technology.


  • Portrait of a Handgunner
  • The famed Fireloques of Ferlangen.


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