"The Greatship lacked the speed and beauty of the other ship but on the other hand it did possess firepower in abundance. Koenig did not doubt that the stout hearted Imperial soldiers clustered on the foredecks would prove more than a match for the spoiled Bretonnian noblemen on the Grande Roi. They were professionals, hardened soldiers, veterans of many campaigns. Fighting was their trade, not their amusement."
Accounts of Lord Koenig, Imperial Admiral[1a]
Empire Greatships

An illustration of an Empire Greatship

Empire Greatships
are one of the largest and most heavily-armed warships within the Imperial Navy of the Empire of Man. Developed in response to the Bretonnian Galleon, the mighty Greatship is a floating arsenal bristling with guns and packed with heavily-armed Imperial sailors. The ship is equipped with a thunderous broadside of three batteries of Imperial cannons, as well as a foward and rear-firing gun emplacements.[1b]

Although it has no oars and cannot ram, the Greatship is still a formidable monstrosity at close-range, able to burst open rival warships in a single volley and is crammed full with boarding crews eager to come agrips with the enemy. Due to its commanding presense, Empire Greatships are usually led by an Imperial Admiral. These Imperial Admiral have a commanding view of his fleet from the Greatship's high aftcastle, and the signals fluttering from its mast can be easily read by even the most distant Imperial ships within the fleet.[1b]


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