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"Reiksguard Knights, your Emperor is calling! Death or glory awaits us, but if we die, we will die as warriors, with swords in hand, and there is no better death than that! "
Kurt Helborg, Grandmaster of the Reiksguard Knights.[1b]

A mighty Grandmaster leading his Knightly Order to war.

Grand Masters are the highest-ranking Knights within a Knightly Order, commanding the complete allegiance of all its members.[1a]


"To lead admirable knights into honourable combat against the Chaos is a credit to their commander. And to stand and lead such a band as you is an honoured blessing as if from the gods themselves."
Anonymous Grand Master.[2a]

A Grandmaster is a warrior and leader of unparalleled valour, having fought in dozens of battles, and whose military prowess is beyond question. An Elector Count can request that a Knightly Order fight alongside his army, but the decision to ride out lies solely with the Grand Master himself. This makes the Grand Master a very powerful ally, and great care is taken not to offend them.[1a]

Each Grandmaster is a paragon of knightly virtue, and is not only one of the most fearsome warriors in the Old World, but also a legendary commander and leader of men. They are rare in number, for even amongst those dedicated individuals who have the skill and strength of mind to become a Knight of the Inner Circle, few have what it takes to reach the pinnacle of knighthood. A Grandmaster is always at the forefront of an army when it marches to war, and is usually among the most trusted of military advisors and generals, and when not engaged in warfare is often charged with planning for it. A Grandmaster of a templar order is often a leading personality within a religious cult as well, commanding total loyalty from its warriors.[2a]

When an Elector Count petitions a Knightly Order for aid, it is sometimes a condition that the Grand Master himself take command of the army. Most Elector Counts are only too happy for a general of such superlative ability to lead his soldiers, though this has not always been the case, and ego, ambition or sheer lunacy has sometimes brought unfortunate consequences.[1a]

Famous Grand Masters



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