Situated behind the Temple of Ulric, the Empire's Embassy sits just off the Urskoy Prospekt on a narrow street with high buildings to either side that shroud it in darkness. The street eventually leads into a wide courtyard with a bronze fountain at its centre that gurgles a froth of clear, icy water from a holy cup. A black, iron fence with a wide gate protects the embassy, and a pair of guards in the smart blue and red livery of Altdorf stand guard over the building. Under the ambassadorship of Andreas Teugenheim, the embassy was allowed to fall into disrepair, but his successor, Kaspar von Velten, returned the embassy to its former grandeur, though he did not live to see the work finished that he had begun. A bronze bust of Ambassador von Velten sits in the courtyard of the embassy, and it has become something of a talisman to the soldiers stationed here to touch it to ward off bad luck.[1a]


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