While the Emperor's armies defend the borders of his realm, an unseen legion battles tirelessly to thwart the enemies within. These agents, known as the Emperor's Eyes by those aware of their existence, confound those who plot against the Emperor, whether they be Chaos cultists, treacherous Nobles or populist Agitators.


In the court of every Elector Count, in every guild building and meeting house where malcontents rant against Imperial edicts, and even within the Colleges of Magic, an Eye waits and watches. Knowledge is power, and Karl Franz uses the Eyes to maximise his authority.[1a]

The Eyes answer to Duke Friedrich von Fuchs, undersecretary to the Marshal of Altdorf, dispatching intelligence to him scrawled in complicated cipher using invisible ink. An Eye cannot afford to reveal his true identity, and each carries a dose of arsenic. If an Eye is captured during a mission, von Fuchs will send a fellow agent to silence him.[1a]

Eyes are recruited from all spheres of society. Most are merely paid informers, but professional Spies perform more sensitive work, masters of subterfuge who can worm their way deep into a conspiracy. Duke von Fuchs' minions scour universities and guilds for candidates who display the necessary intelligence, charm and ruthlessness. The duke often uses blackmail to ensure the loyalty of new recruits, engineering events that would ruin them should they be made public.[1a]

Notable Eyes

  • Emmanuel Blanck – Spy extraordinaire by Imperial appointment, Emmanuel has perfected the art of being forgettable. He has a thousand masks; with a subtle frown or curl of the lip, he can transform his face. Using flattery and conceit, he can engage a person in genial conversation for hours, gleaning their innermost secrets while divulging nothing about himself. Among his many achievements, he infiltrated the notorious Blackpowder Plotters, saving the life of the Emperor himself. He toppled the Conspiracy of Skulls, foiling a ritual to summon a Bloodthirster beneath Altdorf’s Temple of Sigmar. He was also instrumental in influencing the Boot Tax rioters of 2519 to lynch the very Demagogues who had incited them to violence.[1a]


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