Emmanuelle von Liebwitz
Emmanuelle von Liebwitz
Vital statistics
Full Name Emmanuelle von Liebwitz
Reign 2503 IC to Present
Predecessor Konstantin von Liebwitz
Successor None
Noble House Von Liebwitz
Seat of Power Nuln

Emmanuelle von Liebwitz, Grand Countess of Wissenland, Countess of Nuln, and Duchess of Meissen is the current Elector Count of Wissenland who gained her seat around the same time that Karl Franz was crowned Emperor.


A childhood friend of the current ruler, Emmanuelle had a claim to the title of Elector Count, but not a good one. By currying the favour of Franz — some suggest she seduced him — she took the title of Elector Countess in 2503 IC. She proved she had no head for governing; she was more concerned with the luxuries of her status than with the minutia of ruling not only a province (which most consider a backwater) but also an important city. She detests the burghers and commoners of Wissenland, and rarely deals with the villages and towns under her purview, handing more and more power to the Toppenheimer family of Pfeildorf.[1a]

In fact, she is in negotiations with the Emperor to divorce Nuln from Wissenland completely. In exchange for granting Nuln an electoral vote and allowing Wissenland to retain its vote, she would make an extensive loan to the Emperor's coffers. All of her work to separate Nuln from Wissenland is because the Countess adores the city. She loves the culture, the pomp, the majesty, its history, and its deep coffers. No matter how desperate the plight of the commoners, she can always be guaranteed comfort and pleasure whilst installed in her seat as Countess of Nuln. As far as she's concerned, the Toppenheimers can keep their brutal winters and dreary farmland. All she wants is Nuln. Hence, much of Wissenland's governance falls to the Assembly, a group of merchants, lesser nobles, and churchmen of which she is the head, though she rarely makes appearances. Most consider her barely competent in her position. The saying goes, "the Countess' head is as empty as her manifesto." Still, the people love her. Now in her middle years, she retains her youthful beauty and many lords clamour for her hand, hoping to gain something of her considerable power.[1a]


  • Heraldry of Countess Emmanuelle von Liebwitz


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