The dashing baron became the talk of the ball when he stole a dance with Duchess Feodora Elsenach. He even shared her carriage home! But the scandal was forgotten the following morning with news of the duchess’s arrest and incarceration within the Palace of Retribution.[1a]

Within a week, she was executed for high treason – condemned by the discovery of an altar to an unspeakable deity hidden within her bedchamber. The chattering classes agreed that the duchess’s mysterious suitor had a hand in her demise, but nobody who had been at the ball could remember anything about the man, who had disappeared as though he never existed.[1a]

Emmanuel Blanck, Spy extraordinaire by Imperial appointment, has perfected the art of being forgettable. He has a thousand masks; with a subtle frown or curl of the lip, he can transform his face. Using flattery and conceit, he can engage a person in genial conversation for hours, gleaning their innermost secrets while divulging nothing about himself. Among his many achievements, he infiltrated the notorious Blackpowder Plotters, saving the life of the Emperor himself. He toppled the Conspiracy of Skulls, foiling a ritual to summon a Bloodthirster beneath Altdorf’s Temple of Sigmar. He was also instrumental in influencing the Boot Tax rioters of 2519 to lynch the very Demagogues who had incited them to violence.[1a]

Only the Spy Master, Duke von Fuchs, is aware of Blanck’s existence. He calls upon his services in times of national crisis. The two never meet – the duke communicates with the agent by means of an obscure code flashed by lantern at dusk across Altdorf’s rooftops. When Blanck signals that he has received his orders, von Fuchs is confident that he will resolve the case with his trademark efficiency.[1a]


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