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An Elven Steed

An Elven Steed is among the best of all horse breeds that inhabit the Known World.

Sapherian Elven mounts are considered haughty, though that is not always the case. Their coats are lambent and silky with magical residue.[6b][7a]

In Ellyrion, black Elven Steeds are considered unlucky, perhaps because of their connection to Dark Steeds.[6b]

Ellyrian Elven Steeds leave no signs of their passing, making them impossible to track without magic.[6c] Ellyrian steeds are also capable of finding their way back to Ellyrion from anywhere in Ulthuan.[7b]

When one asks a steed of Ellyrion its name, the rider will find its name appear within their thoughts. It is unclear if only the steeds of the Asur, and more specifically, the steeds of Ellyrion, are able to do this, or if all Elven Steeds can do so. This effect, however, does not apply beyond name, as neither steed nor rider appear telepathic.[7c]


When the Elves began to explore the Known World and founded colonies overseas in the Old World, they brought whole herds of these horses with them. After centuries living in the Old World, the Elves came into conflict with the Dwarfs during the so-called War of the Beard.

After their defeat, the Elven settlers left the Old World and returned to Ulthuan, and many of the Elven Steeds were abandoned, becoming feral. These herds of Elven horses roamed freely through the meadows and plains around the abandoned ruins of the Elven colonies, crossing with the wild horses that lived there. Over time, this mixture of blood resulted in the creation of a new breed, the Bretonnian Warhorse.

However, not all the Elves decided to leave the Old World, for some preferred to remain in their woodland home. These Elves were the ancestors of the Wood Elves of Athel Loren. One of the Elven lineages that remained in the Old World took their Elven Steeds with them to the safety of the clearings of the forest, where they now graze on its southern plains.

The few foreigners who come to see these horses frolicking in the prairies refuse to believe that they are magical beings who have crossed their path. Indeed, the Elven Steeds of Athel Loren have no more magic than any other forest dweller, apart from the infinite joy of every child born in freedom. In times of peace, these horses graze in different clearings until their riders require their services.


Elven steed 3

An Elven Steed outfitted with Ithilmar Barding.

All High Elves, Wood Elves and Dark Elves use Elven Steeds. They are noble, intelligent, quick, graceful and beautiful beasts and their agility is far beyond that of any of the horses employed by the other mortal races. While the horses of Bretonnia and those of the Empire are strong, resilient and faithful beasts, Elven horses are trained to be quick, agile and cunning.

Few among the race of Men can match the skill and mastery of Elven riders. Such is the confidence that the Elven Steeds feel for their masters that they will ride impassively into the heat of battle without the need for their rider to give them a spoken instruction. The bond between an Elf and their mount does not require the brutality or provocation that the other mortal races employ to force their unruly horses into battle.

The Horse Lords of the Ulthuani kingdom of Ellyrion live in harmony with their mounts. They prefer not to break the spirit of their mounts with an extended taming process. Instead, they charm them with magic and the horses obey them voluntarily. The Elves reward this loyalty with kindness. They persecute any stranger who damages their steeds and punishes them with the utmost severity. A well-known proverb in Ulthuan says: "Better to harm the brother of an Ellyrian than his horse."

Elven Steeds originated on the island-continent of Ulthuan, and although they are present in all the High Elven kingdoms of the island, the best are found on the vast plains of Ellyrion, where large herds of horses roam freely. It is a land of pleasant summers and mild winters. Touched by beneficent magic and fed by the great pastures of the steppe, the steeds of Ellyrion are the fastest and noblest of all the beasts who run on four legs. Fast as the wind and loyal to the death, Elven Steeds are the perfect mount for the High Elven nobility.

For this the Dark Elves envy their Ellyrian kin, and they will infiltrate that kingdom for the sole purpose of stealing Ellyrian Elven Steeds to use for their own cavalry, and they are especially interested in thieving those steeds of black colour. The Dark Elves also use Elven Steeds, but given the malicious nature of the Druchii and the use of Dark Magic in their breeding methods, they have given rise to a variant of the Elven Steed, known as a Dark Steed, which is a cruel and heartless parody of this noble horse breed.

Notable Elven Steeds[]

  • Aedaris - Aedaris is a wide-chested, white Ellyrian steed of Caelir, slain during a siege of Clar Karond.
  • Irenya - Irenya was an Ellyrian dun mare that once belonged to one of the Éadaoin family's retainers.[6a]
  • Lotharin - Lotharis is a black Ellyrian steed that serves Eldain Fleetmane.[6a]
  • Korhandir - Korhandir is the fabled father of all horses.
  • Orsien - Orsien is the Elven Steed of Rhianna Éadaoin; he is a fine, silver gelding from Saphery with dappled flanks and a haughty intelligence in his pale green eyes.[6a]


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