Archmage Eltharik was among the many mages and scholars that were summoned by Phoenix King Finubar during the events of the daemon N'Kari's rampage in XI 10. He is described as an asur with a white goatee beard on his chin - something noticeably unusual in a male elf. His nearly translucent skin and parchment white hair denote his age. He was a specialist in all sorts of mystical lore, particularly anything to do with summonings.[1a]

During one council, Eltharik was made embarrassed for being skeptical of Prince Iltharis, who deduced that N'Kari's intentions were to wipe out the Blood of Aenarion. Indeed, Iltharis had made note of the archmage's list of the accounted dead, the prince knowing the names of each inheritor that propped up. Eltharik's mouth fell open after Iltharis reasoned the archmage's skepticism was "because he hadn't thought of it himself". The prince would go on to reason Eltharik saw this as a way to end the Curse of Aenarion once and for all.[1b]

Eltharik would defend himself by saying his intentions were not to accept a hypothesis until it was properly tested. This outraged Lady Malene, who made no attempt to hide concern for her twin nephews Teclis and Tyrion.[1b]


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