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Elsa was a Priestess of Manann

Priestess Elsa Udermar began her career as a pirate, spending most of her youth among the scum and brigands of Sartosa. Elsa hid her gender from her comrades for nearly a decade under the assumed name of "Elmar." After a botched raid, her ship was boarded by the Imperial Navy and, during interrogation, her secret was revealed to all. Elsa's shipmates turned against her, proclaiming she was in fact a witch that had kept them under her thrall, forcing them into a life of piracy. The officer of the Imperial ship believed their tale and made her walk the plank.

Amazingly, Elsa survived her plunge into the sea, and held for life onto a floating piece of debris. For weeks, Elsa clung to the wood, receiving sustenance from a particular albatross that supplied her with fresh fish. Seeing this as a sign of Manann's favour, Elsa immediately made her way to the nearest temple of Manann when she finally washed ashore, demanding entry into the cult. Hearing the bedraggled woman’s tale, the priests could not refuse her. Years later, Elsa Udermar has become a mighty priestess of Manann, and captain of the ship Vengeance of Manann. The ship serves as both a mobile shrine to the faithful and as a sleek hunter of pirate vessels. To this day, Elsa seeks the members of the crew that abandoned her, hoping to bring the full wrath of Manann down upon their heads, and those of all pirates.


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