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Elize von Carstein was among the eldest and most cunning of the Von Carstein dynasty of Vampires.


Elize was a Sister of Shallya once. She had been at Isabella von Carstein's side when she passed over from the wasting illness, and Vlad wrested her from Morr's clutches. Poor, gentle Elize was Isabella's first meal upon awakening, and she served as the countess's loyal handmaiden until her untimely end.[1]

In the centuries that followed, Elize became one of the most politically powerful members of her Bloodline. She did not fear Mannfred's wrath any more than Isabella's incandescent and unpredictable tantrums, or Vlad's quietly menacing disappointment. She knew which strands to pluck to see her safely out of the von Carstein web, and which to pull in order to get back in, should it be necessary...[1]


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