Elizabeth believes that commoners these days are getting above their stations. If any people are not noble, she makes them feel their lack of status. She keeps them waiting, interrupts her conversation with them to do more important things like feed her lapdog, and gives them trivial orders, treating them as servants. If any people are nobles, she isn’t rude to them, but she isn’t particularly polite, either. If insulted in the slightest, she will call her servants to throw the insulters out, and only a lot of fast grovelling will change her mind.[1a]

In her younger days she destroyed a Chaos cult, largely by good luck, and this act has brought her a lot of respect in these circles in Altdorf. Her family has been slowly losing wealth for years and influence along with it; she clings to her garnered respect as something that might yet save her family. On the other hand, she definitely never wants to have any personal contact with Chaos again.[1a]

People should realise that she is obsessed with her family status and the importance of the blow she struck against Chaos.[1a]


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