One of Nagash's chief successes was the creation of the cursed Elixir of Life, distilled from the blood of Humans.[2a] With it, Nagash finally unlocked the secret of eternal youth. He then allowed Arkhan, his trusted vizier, and his other principal lieutenants to imbibe the elixir, granting them immortality and incredible strength but, unable to recreate the potion themselves, they became little more than slaves to Nagash's sinister will.[1a]

Years later, Neferata of Lahmia would attempt to replicate the elixir with the help of W'soran, creating a corrupted version of it. This new elixir, though it extended her life indefinitely, also cursed the woman for all eternity. Having neither the skill nor the knowledge of Nagash, Neferata and her court became stricken by an unquenchable thirst for mortal blood. Lahmia became the birthplace of the Vampires – fell creatures whose individual strength and unholy power exceeded that of a dozen men.[1b]


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