Elisabet is 33 years old and of slender build, with plaited blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She is a quiet countrywoman who says little when her husband is around. Her parents, now dead, persuaded her to marry Rocheteau, and for a while the marriage worked, despite the fact she was always overawed by Henri-Philippe’s extravagant personality. Over the last few years though, her husband has become increasingly domineering. Not surprisingly, she has become unhappy as a result. In part, she blames herself for not bearing any children and tries to make up for it by behaving as a dutiful wife.[1a]

The disappearance of Stefan affected her deeply, her grief made worse by having to be kept hidden. She still remembers their affair and often daydreams that her lover will return one day and make her happy again. She still keeps the few letters that he secretly gave her hidden in a hatbox in the bedroom.[1a]

Elisabet knew that Stefan had a twin brother, but her reaction on seeing Dieter will be that her wish has come true. She still has enough spirit to try and kill Henri-Philippe if she learns the truth about Stefan’s death. Otherwise she will do her utmost to get him executed for murder.[1a]


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