The Elf Charm may be used as an additional ingredient for casting spells from the Lore of Life, making all other ingredients require half as much.[1a]


The Elf Charm appears to be nothing more than an acorn. However, when held to the purifying rays of the light, faint Elven script appears all over its surface. A particularly foolish Bretonnian Peasant somehow survived an adventure into the heart of Wood Elves' forest, reputedly venturing into the secret 'King's Glade', where the Elven leader resides. Somehow, the Peasant escaped, but was killed by a passing Knight for some terrible perceived impropriety. The Knight claimed the acorn for himself and carried it with him to his Keep, only to lose it along the way. It's uncertain as to who or what has the Elf Charm now.[1a]


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