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Eldyra, Princess of Tiranoc.

Eldyra is the personal squire of Prince Tyrion of Ulthuan.[1a]


In XI, 177, Princess Eldyra of Tiranoc, youngest daughter of the fallen hero Eldyr, took up her father's sword. Seeking to serve the Phoenix King in her father's stead, she presented herself before the Phoenix Court. Her reception was not a kind one. Finubar himself was deep in study, and would see no one. Worse, few amongst the court cared for another rival in their ranks. Aloof disinterest soon turned to something mocking and callous, and Eldyra fled, eyes wet with anger and shame.[1a]

Prince Tyrion later found her in the Shrine of Lileath. In those dark days, he cared little for the intricacies of court and had not been present to see Eldyra's humiliation. But word had reached him nonetheless and he, recalling his friendship with Eldyra's father, sought her out. Without hesitation, he swore to see her wishes fulfilled. The next day marked the first for sometime when Tyrion made a special point of attending court, making sure to introduce his new squire. Eldyra's second introduction provoked no amusement.[1a]

The End Times

Unlike many nobles of her kingdom, Eldyra forsook battle from a chariot's fighting platform. In part, this was a throwback to her days as Tyrion's squire, when no chariot could have kept pace with glorious Malhandir. Eldyra preferred to place her faith in living creatures, rather than machines. She was greatly envious of Eltharion's mount, the Griffon Stormwing, and would have dearly loved to know the loyalty of such a beast. As it was, she was content to see battle from the saddle of her steed Maladhros who, though not as swift as Malhandir, nor so ferocious as Stormwing, was a canny and quick-witted stallion.[2a]


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