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Elasir patrolling the sky near Lothern.

Elasir, Lord of the Eagles, is a giant golden eagle that resides near Eagle Gate, able to speak Eltharin as he strikes upon enemies skulking through the Annulii Mountains.[1a]

His feathers are noted for a stunning mixture of gold and brown, except for his head, which is covered in feathers of the purest white. As the greatest of his race, Elasir's proud countenance is known to the Phoenix King himself, whilst the Loremasters of Saphery know to take heed when the eagles speak. His brothers, Aeris and Irian, eagles as regal and proud as he, fly with him to and from the eyries found near Eagle Gate.[1b]

Sometimes Elasir will also seek counsel with the birds and beasts of Avelorn, for their knowledge of hidden things is great. The doves can be made to send messages throughout Ulthuan, whilst the ravens speak of grim omens, and the red pheasants of the Everqueen announce prophecies of great import.[1b]

Age of Reckoning

During the Age of Reckoning he escorted Alexis Lazlo to the court of the Phonix King Finubar. Sharing his power with her exausted Griffon, Starwing.[2]


  • Elasir is able to commune with his fellow Eagles via some manner of telepathy. It is unclear if all Eagles can do as such, if it is limited to communing only between Great Eagles, or if it is a talent unique to Elasir.[1b] What is known is that he can at least communicate with Griffons, and share his power and that of his brothers with them.[2]
  • Elasir and his kin appear able to sense the presence of Dark Elves as a 'rank odour of hate' carried on the wind, and a 'foulness in the air'. It is unclear if this is thanks to the magic of the Annulii, a supernatural sense of smell, heightened intuition, or a combination thereof.[1b]


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