Ekrund, though currently known as Mount Bloodhorn, is a fallen Dwarf hold. During -1498 IC, the Badlands were overrun by Greenskins. Ekrund fell to the Orcs after many months of intense fighting by the vastly outnumbered Dwarfs. Since then, Ekrund has remained in the hands of Greenskins.[1]


The mines of Ekrund, in the Dragonback Mountains on the south-eastern shore of the Black Gulf, were the richest outside the Worlds Edge Mountains. Its ore and gemstone deposits rivaled even those of Karaz Ankor. Many of its clans were fabulously rich even by Dwarf standards, and some were influential members of the High King’s Council.[1a]

During the War of Vengeance, the armies of Ekrund joined those of Barak Varr and Karak Azgal to battle the High Elves in the land that humans would later call Tilea, destroying several towns and trading posts including two close to the present-day human cities of Luccini and Tobaro.[1a]

The Dwarfs of Ekrund began to strengthen their fortifications when the first news of Orc and Goblin attacks reached them, but the work was not complete when a massive greenskin army marched out of the Badlands. Surrounded, the Dwarfs gathered whatever they could carry, and broke through the encircling Orcs in a near-suicidal attack. Many thousands perished, but those who reached the shores of the Black Gulf were evacuated by their kinsmen from Barak Varr. The victorious Orcs had found a brewery in the Ekrund mines, and did not try to pursue the refugees.[1a]

A few survivors from the smaller Dragonback mines made their way east to Karaz-a-Karak and the other surviving holds of Karaz Ankor, suffering constant Orc and Goblin attacks as they went. Most, however, crossed the Black Gulf and established new mines and strongholds in the Vaults.[1a]


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