Ekhreb, the Champion of Rasetra,[1a] is the Tomb Herald of the Priest King of Rasetra, Rakh-amn-hotep. Not only is he the Priest King's champion, he is also his adviser and most trusted friend.[1b] Ekhreb is a skilled fighter and tactician who in battle commands Rakh-amn-hoteps chariot forces and if needed can assume command of the entire army.

During Nagash's first reign around -1744 IC the combined Priest Kings armies consisting of Lybaras and Rasetran forces defeated the armies of Khemri and Quatar and captured the latter of the two. But capturing cities went against the ancient laws of Nehekara, giving Nagash an excuse to summon a terrible plague of red rain, killing almost every citizen and soldier living in Quatar.[1c] Only the White Palace was spared from the terrible disease in which Ekhreb and a few dozen soldiers were stationed. The civilians started a revolt and tried storming the Palace in hopes of surviving the terrible plague. Ekhreb and his soldiers managed to fall back and shut the palace gates against the mob, where they waited out the worst of the plague.[1d] Four years later, Ekhreb took part in the final battle against Nagash. He led the vanguard for the allied forces of Rasetra, Lybaras, and Numas, where he helped break Nagash's skeletal companies outside the city of Mahrak.[1e]


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