Eirene Corvinus is a notorious member of the hedgewise. Though outwardly an elderly, gentle soul, her firm opposition to the warrior priests of Sigmar has earned her the title of "The Imperial Thorn". She has many friends amongst the hedgefolk, but prefers to live a secretive existence, and is seldom seen in the light of day. For this reason, she is sometimes referred to as the Night Rose – integrating her Imperial nickname and thorny personality with her nocturnal activities.[1a]

Eirene seeks to ferret out corruption and hypocrisy wherever she can, particularly in defence of the ways of the hedgefolk. On several occasions, she has accused groups of Sigmarite priests of being cultists. Though she prefers to use information and guile as her main weapons, she has a mastered an array of hedge spells – although she rarely displays her power.[1a]

Most of the time, Eirene travels from village to village, quietly spreading the truth about the hedgefolk, sewing discord amongst followers of Sigmar, and seeking sympathisers to her cause. She also spends considerable time seeking the Blessed Few, hoping to get them to join the hedgefolk.[1a]


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