Known and celebrated by wine drinkers throughout the Old World, the vineyards around Eilhart produce the succulent grapes, and thus the wine, that shares its name. Eilhart is widely considered one of the Reikland's best white wines, valued not just for its crisp, light flavour, but also for its famously mild hangovers that grow no worse no matter how much of it was quaffed the night before, or so Eilharters claim. Recently, Eilhart has also become famed in the Reikland, and as far afield as Marienburg, for its sharp, acidic beers making use of fragrant hops and local grain.[1a]

Given the excellent quality of its alcoholic beverages, Eilhart has become a popular destination for riverboat cruises, wherein epicures travel to the town to sample its wares from the many drinking houses, breweries, and vineyards on offer. Some claim the high number of visiting Bretonnians - drawn by the excellent wine - may account for the locals' recent enthusiasm for beer.[1a]

Indeed, there is nearby village where every other family has a Bretonnian name - better than average bone structure too. They are rumoured to be the descendants of an outcast Baron's servants...[3]


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