It was the great Lord Mazdamundi himself who unearthed the last remaining egg of the mysterious Quango. Since the time of the Old Ones, this relic had been held in a secret, underground chamber, and it was only discovered as Mazdamundi rebuilt the pyramid-temple of Pahuax. Before its discovery, only the name of the creature was known and its existence was mere legend. No one knows exactly what will hatch from the egg or why it was held in stasis. However, as the armies of the Lizardmen prepare once more to meet the threat of their terrible foes, Lord Mazdamundi has decreed that the egg can finally be cracked open and its dread contents exposed.[1a]

The contents of this egg could be anything from a withered, aged creature on the verge of death to the thunderous peals and radiant hues of a Quango in its full glory.[1a]


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