Eerie Downs

Scarcely populated and on the borders of Sylvania, this melancholic stretch of lowlands, known as the Eerie Downs, was the site of a great battle between the Vampire Counts and the Empire. It was here the Vampires turned the tide, precipitating their invasion into Sigmar's Lands at the start of the Empire's twenty-first century. As travellers make their way through it, they could easily catch sight of marshlights, spirits, and other supernatural beings. Whether these entities pose a threat or not, however, depends on the whims of fate and chance.[1a]


South of Bechafen, the wide and open plain of the Eerie Downs possesses of a curious and unnerving stillness. A perpetual pall of low fog rolls upon the wild and unkempt grasslands of the Downs, numerous crags jutting up from the thick and vaporous mists like broken teeth. Woe betide any traveller lost there; men have been driven insane as the silence and the white fog engulf them, all sense of direction evaporating into a vast expanse of nothing. It is said the souls of those who died upon the Downs haunt them still, that their spirits crave more souls to join them, their howls of anguish and bitterness a dreaded midnight chorus. It is a brave or foolish traveller indeed who ventures upon those pastures and lives to tell of it...[2a]


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