Edouard Rossereux was a heroic Knight of Bretonnia and the second of the noble Rossereux line of Montfort.


When the young Edouard reached his tenth year, his father, the heroic knight Gaston Rossereux, left his lands to complete a perilous quest for the Mortaise Amulet. He returned many years later, without the amulet and mortally wounded. Edouard's dying father told him to continue his quest, and if he failed, his son in turn...[1]

As a Knight Errant Edouard could have stayed in Christofains to become master of his own lands. Instead he chose to travel to Carcassonne and serve the Duke, Antoine Dupont de l'Etang. Antoine was a demanding knight, who would only have the strongest in his army's ranks, a requirement dictated by his role as defender of the Miragliano Pass, which lay in his lands. the test of one's suitability lay with jousting the Duke himself, or rather remaining on one's steed, for none had ever bested the "Warrior Duc".[1]

At noon, two lances levelled as pounding hooves bore the points to impact. A splintering of wood echoed across the hushed Tourney ground. Edouard dropped his shattered lance to draw forth his sword as the Warrior Duc's spiked morningstar swung ever closer in its chain-bound arc. Blow followed blow until both knight's armour looked as if it had been beaten upon an anvil. The sun dipped across the sky until the Horses stumbled in their advance, leaden limbs craving rest. Both steeds finally crumpled, shaking in sweaty convulsions. The Duke rushed to embrace the first to have matched him.[1]

After many successful battles defending the pass, the Duke gave the determined Edouard the chance to earn his spurs. In rescuing the graceful Coralie from the clutches of the loathsome Ogre, Hurgastt, the young man gained her hand in marriage, a handsome dowry, and his tittle of Knight of the Realm.[1]

Edouard and his wife returned to Montfort and Christofains, where he witnessed the birth of his first son, Thierry. Edouard then announced that he must now dedicate his life to the pursuit of the Mortaise Amulet. During his thirty-eight years abroad, he gained a reputation even greater than Gaston's, honouring himself by leading the Questing Knights' famed charge at the Battle of Bloody Meadow, in which the Duke of Parravon's forces overwhelmed the Jagged Moon Goblin tribe. Then he further enhanced his reputation for valour by pursuing their leader, the grim sorcerer Madog Mallais into the Grey Mountains where, cornered upon a bluff, the villain was slain.[1]

Despite travelling the length and breadth of Bretonnia, during which time he carried out many further heroic deeds, Edouard failed to find the relic he so desperately sought. Finally beaten by disease, rather than the dangers to which he was accustomed, his body came to rest in the family crypt.[1]


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