Sparker is a disturbing sight, even for those familiar with Skaven. He is of average build for a Ratman but has grey-black fur that constantly bristles with electricity.[1a]

A Warp battery of his own design rests on his back, connected to his body by a series of strange hoses and cables. Sparker created a device that pulls energy from the air about him to power his body’s basic functions while he gets on with more pressing matters, such as inventing better ways to take over the world. In other words, Sparker does not eat, sleep, or breathe. He is like a living lightning rod and dangerously strong with the power of the Warp.[1a]

He follows Steeleye not out of fear like the rest of the Ratmen in Talabheim but because he believes the Grey Seer’s plan has merit. Actually, Sparker doesn’t really feel fear anymore, or too many other emotions for that matter. Emotions were too distracting, so he removed them, along with his scent glands. In battle, he is a calculating and ruthless opponent.[1a][1b]


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