Eataine Guard Khaine

Eataine Guard at Eagle Gate

The Eataine Guard are a famous formation of Spearmen hailing from the Kingdom of Eataine.

Slaughter at Eagle Gate

Only one of the Eataine Guard's thirty legions was stationed at Eagle Gate, assigned as Prince Yvarn's bodyguard by royal decree. So battle-hardened were these warriors that it was often said - and not just by the Eataine Guard themselves - that the sum of their experience eclipsed that of the fortress' other defenders combined. Yet the Eataine Guard displayed none of the superiority that should have come with such an accolade. Instead, its warriors silently undertook the most thankless and dangerous of tasks, never once attempting to trade upon their reputation. Each time Eagle Gate came under assault, the Eataine Guard were the first upon the walls, spears gleaming in anticipation.[1a]

Battle for the Chasm

Of the Eataine Guard's thirty proud legions, only one remained at this time, and that had been bloodied and battered by war. Under the command of Prince Yvarn, it had fought on the front line of Eagle Gate, had witnessed firsthand the onslaught that had laid the fortress low. Like many exiles of that kingdom, the Eataine Guard had pledged themselves to Caradryan's service in the wake of Ulthuan's destruction. They could not bear to serve beneath Malekith, or even Imrik, both of whom they held accountable for so many of their comrades – including Prince Yvarn.[2a]


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