The Kingdom of Eataine (pronounced: Ay-a-tain)[3a] is simply the hinterland of the vast city-state of Lothern, and first amongst the Elf kingdoms of Ulthuan. It is the home of the current Phoenix King, Finubar, and the site of his Phoenix Court. Eataine is dotted with vineyards, villas and summer estates to which the noble families of the city retire. The city is one of the wonders of the known world and the source of Eataine's prosperity.[1a]

Eataine is the mightiest of the Kingdoms of Ulthuan, centered around the Emerald gate and the city of Lothern. Many merchants dwell here and send forth colonists to the four corners of the known world. This is a populous region which maintains a large number of troops. Its warriors are skilled with either the bow or the spear and are always excellently equipped with the finest armour and weapons. The nobles dress in splendid robes and often wear ornate armour decorated with precious gemstones and valuable metals. These warriors fight on land and sea and have detachments skilled in the use of the repeater bolt thrower, which can be either mounted onboard or removed for use on land. The best warriors serve in the Sea Guard, a large body of troops whose regiments are based in Lothern, but who also travel throughout the world with the Phoenix King's armies.[2a]

The nobility of Eataine is exceptionally proud. They point to the fact that several phoenixes nest about their coastlines clifftops and the fact that the kingdom has suffered considerably less during the six millenia long war against the Witch King, and that their land is the chosen domain of Asuryan. Thus, all princes of Eataine consider themselves touched by the divine in one way or the other - a fact only exacerbated by the court of the Phoenix King in Lothern.[4a]

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  • Eataine is the kingdom of the Phoenix - nowhere is the mighty bird more venerated.[1b]


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