Warhammer Eastern Steppes

The vast, empty expanse of the Eastern Desert.

The Eastern Steppes, also known as the Great Steppes[2a] or the Endless Steppes, [3a] are a series of plateaus, rocky outcrops, ridges and plains covered in dry, cold forest located within the north-eastern hemisphere of the Warhammer World. It consists of miles of empty grasslands speckled with the occasional stubby tree or black monolith erected to commemorate the death of a great Champion of Chaos. The Eastern Steppe is bounded in the north by freezing wastes and to the south by a vast and inhospitable desert.[1a]

The Eastern Steppes is a vast land filled with nothing but bloodshed, huge running battles between thousands of nomadic riders regularly sweeping across the steppes, staining the plains red with hundreds of battles that have raged on for countless generations. From the savage Human tribes of the Kurgan and Hung, to the vast Hobgoblin Empire of the Hobgobla Khan, not a single day goes by without the spilling of blood within this bleak, empty land.[2a]

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